Hans im Glück auf Englisch

Das Märchen Hans im Glück heißt auf Englisch „Hans in Luck“.

Hier kannst du das Märchen „Hans im Glück“ auf Englisch lesen. Bei dem Text handelt es sich um eine Kurzfassung, die etwas kürzer ist als die Originalfassung von den Gebrüdern Grimm.

Hans in Luck

Hans had served a master for seven years. He then wanted to return home to his mother and asked for his wages. The lord gave him a lump of gold as big as his head. Hans took the lump on his shoulder and started on his way home.

After he had walked quite a while, he saw a horseman trotting by, fresh and cheerful. „Ah,“ Hans spoke aloud, „riding is a beautiful thing! One can sit, save one‘ s shoes, and get along quickly.“ The rider heard this and asked Hans why he was walking. „I must,“ he replied, „I have a lump of gold to carry home. But it presses so hard on my shoulder.“ The rider offered to exchange the horse for the lump. Hans happily agreed, for this way he was rid of his burden.

Merrily Hans rode along. When he tried to ride even faster, he fell off and landed in the ditch. A farmer was just coming down the road with his cow. Hans told the farmer he was tired of the horse throwing him off and praised the farmer’s cow. It did not cause any problems and even gave milk. The farmer immediately offered him his cow in exchange for the horse. Hans happily agreed and the farmer rode off in a hurry.

Hans calmly spurred his cow along and was happy about the good deal. Soon he became thirsty and wanted to milk the cow. But he was so clumsy that the animal kicked him in the head and Hans staggered to the ground. Just then a butcher came by with a little pig. Hans told him what had happened. The butcher said that the cow was too old to give milk, that it might still be good for slaughter. Hans replied that he did not like this meat. But juicy pork and sausages! The butcher offered him the pig in exchange for the cow, and Hans happily agreed.

He went on with the little pig and thought how lucky he was. Any grumpiness was immediately made up for. Soon he met a fellow with a beautiful white goose. They stopped for a rest and Hans told him about his good fortune. The lad warned him that the pig had been stolen and all the people were already looking for it. Hans got scared and asked the boy to take the pig and give him his goose in return. He agreed and quickly disappeared with the pig. Hans was glad to have gotten away so well. Besides, the goose would bring him a roast, lard and beautiful feathers for a pillow.

He passed through the last village and saw a scissors grinder happily singing at work. Hans asked him why he was so cheerful. The scissors grinder replied that handicraft had golden soil, so he always had money in his pocket. Then he asked Hans about the beautiful goose, and Hans told him the whole exchange. The grinder praised him and suggested him to come to money like him, because then his luck would be perfect. Hans was very interested. The grinder offered him a whetstone in exchange for the goose and even added a heavy fieldstone with which Hans could repair old nails.

Hans loaded up the stones and went on his way happily, for now he would always have money. But soon he was tired and hungry, and the stones were very heavy. He stopped at a well in the field and carefully placed the stones on the edge of the well. When he bent down to drink, he accidentally bumped into the stones and they plopped down. Hans looked after them, then jumped up for joy and thanked God for freeing him from the heavy stones. „I am the happiest man under the sun!“ he exclaimed. With a light heart and free of all burden, he jumped away until he was home with his mother.

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