Der gestiefelte Kater auf Englisch

Der gestiefelte Kater heißt auf Englisch „Puss in Boots“.

Hier kannst du das Märchen auf Englisch lesen. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Kurzfassung.

Puss in Boots

An old miller owned a mill, a donkey and a tomcat. When the miller died, his property was divided among his three sons. The eldest son got the mill, the middle one the donkey and the youngest only the tomcat.

The youngest son was sad about this and thought aloud about at least making a pair of gloves out of the cat ’s fur. Then suddenly the cat began to talk and asked the miller’s son for a pair of boots, because then he would be able to go among the people and help him.

The miller’s son was very surprised, but he had boots made for the cat. The latter put them on, filled a sack with grains and tied a string around it. He threw the sack on his back and went out the door on two legs.

At that time there reigned a king who was very fond of partridges. However, the hunters did not succeed in catching the shy animals. The tomcat knew this. When he came into the forest, he spread out the sack with the grain and the string and hid. The partridges found the grain and one by one hopped into the sack. Then the cat tightened the rope and took the partridges to the king’s castle. He told the king that his master, who was an earl, had sent him the birds.

Der gestiefelte Kater Märchen

The king was so happy about the partridges that he had the sack filled with gold.

The cat brought the gold to the miller’s son and explained to him where it came from. The latter was happy about the sudden wealth. The next few days the tomcat continued to hunt and brought the king even more partridges. Each time he was rewarded with gold, which he brought home. Soon he was so popular with the king that he was allowed to come in and out of the castle.

One day the tomcat heard that the king wanted to take his daughter for a walk by the lake. The tomcat instructed the miller’s son to bathe in the lake, because then he would become a rich count. The miller’s son did not understand what he meant. But he followed the advice, took off his clothes and jumped into the water. The tomcat hid the clothes.

When the king arrived in the carriage, the tomcat complained loudly that thieves had stolen the Count’s clothes and that he would soon catch cold. The king immediately sent for splendid clothes and then invited the supposed count to join him in the carriage. The princess was quite pleased, because she liked the handsome young man.

They drove through lands. The cat ran ahead and asked the people who they belonged to. „To the great wizard,“ he got in reply. He persuaded them to say that it all belonged to the count, if the king should ask about it, otherwise they would have a bad time. The people became afraid of the strange cat and obeyed.

Meanwhile, the cat went to the magician’s castle and appeared before him. He told him that he had heard about the wizard’s magic and that he could supposedly transform himself into any animal. The cat was sceptical and said that he could not really believe it.

The magician let himself be challenged by this and turned first into an elephant and then into a lion. The cat praised him and asked if he could also transform himself into a small animal, such as a mouse. The magician did so. Puss in Boots caught the mouse and ate it whole.

In the meantime, the king was traveling with the princess and the miller’s son through meadow, field and forest. Several times the king asked, „Whose is all this?“ And each time, the people along the way shouted, „To the Lord Count.“ The king was very impressed.

Finally they arrived at the magnificent castle, where the cat welcomed them. He warmly welcomed the king and the princess to the castle of his master, the count.

Now the miller’s son had indeed become a rich count, and the king even promised him his daughter. When the king died, the count became his successor and Puss in Boots became first minister.

➔ Hier gibt es die deutsche Version des Märchens vom gestiefelten Kater.

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