Der Wolf und die sieben Geißlein auf Englisch

Hier kannst du das Märchen „Der Wolf und die sieben Geißlein“ auf Englisch lesen:

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids

A mother goat had seven young goatlings whom she loved very much. One day, however, she had to leave her children alone to fetch food in the forest. Before she left, she warned her children not to open the front door to the wolf. They would recognize him by his rough voice and black feet. The little goats reassured their mother and she confidently went on her way.

Soon the wolf knocked on the front door and claimed to be the mother. But the little goats heard his rough voice and did not let him in. Then the wolf ate a large piece of chalk to make his voice fine, and knocked on the front door again. But the children saw the black paw through the window and did not let him in. So the wolf ran to the baker and had dough spread over his paw. Then he had the miller sprinkle flour on it so that his paw looked white.

Now he knocked on the front door a third time. The little goats asked to see his paw and when they saw that it was white, they believed him and opened the door. They were terribly frightened at the sight of the wolf and quickly hid all over the house. But the wolf found them and devoured them one by one. Only the youngest, which had hidden in the clock case, he did not find. Fully fed, the wolf ran outside to the meadow, where he lay down under a tree and fell asleep.

When the mother goat returned, she was shocked to see the open front door and called her children by name. At last, to the youngest, a timid voice answered from the clock box. The mother fetched the little goat from its hiding place and learned what had happened. Then she cried with sorrow!

She ran out with the youngest goat. In the meadow they saw the snoring wolf. Something was stirring and wriggling in his full belly. The old goat sent the little goat to fetch scissors, needle and thread. Then she cut open the wolf’s belly. One by one the little goats jumped out safe and sound. The greedy wolf had swallowed them in one piece. The little goats heartily greeted their dear mother with joy. But the goat sent them quickly to collect stones. The seven little goats dragged some stones and stuck them into the sleeping wolf’s belly. Then the old lady sewed him up again.

When the wolf awoke later, he was very thirsty and ran to a well. The stones bumped against each other in his belly and he cried out:

„What rumbles and tumbles

Round in my belly?

I thought it were six little goats,

But feels like heavy stone.“

When he bent over the edge of the well to drink, the heavy stones pulled him in and he drowned miserably.

The seven little goats cried, „The wolf is dead! The wolf is dead!“ and they danced merrily around the well with their mother.

Der Wolf und die sieben Geißlein Englisch