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Das Märchen Schneewittchen von den Gebrüdern Grimm ist in der ganzen Welt bekannt. Deshalb gibt es das Märchen von Schneewittchen und den 7 Zwergen auch auf Englisch, Französisch und in vielen weiteren Sprachen.

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Deutsch: Schneewittchen –  Englisch: Snow White

Deutsch: Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge –  Englisch: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Wer im englischsprachigen Netz nach dem Märchen suchen möchte, der versucht es am besten mit dem Suchbegriff „Snow White fairy tale“.

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On a snowy winter day, a queen was sewing at a window that had a frame of black ebony wood. When the queen pricked her finger with the needle, three drops of blood fell into the snow. And because it looked so beautiful, she wished for a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as ebony.

Soon she had a little daughter who looked just like that. With lips as red as blood, hair as black as ebony and skin as white as snow. That is why she was called Snow White. Shortly after, the queen died.

After a year, the king took another wife. This one was beautiful, but haughty and vain. When she stepped in front of her mirror, she spoke:

„Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who is the fairest of them all?“

The mirror answered:

„Madam Queen, you are the fairest of them all.“

Then she was satisfied.

When Snow White was seven years old and the queen asked her mirror again, it answered:

„Madam Queen, you are the fairest here,

but Snow White is a thousand times more beautiful, you see.“

From then on, the queen hated the girl. Envy left her no peace, so she hired a huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her.

Snow White begged the huntsman to let her live. The huntsman took pity on her and let her go. Instead, he brought the queen an animal’s heart and lungs as proof.

Now the poor girl was wandering in the forest alone until she finally came to a cottage. Inside, everything was small and very clean. There was a set table with seven little plates and seven little cups. On the wall were seven little beds. Snow White was hungry and thirsty, so she ate something from each little plate and drank from each little cup. Then she laid down tired in one of the little beds and fell asleep.

In the evening the inhabitants of the little house came back. They were the seven dwarfs who were digging for ore in the mountains.

They noticed that something was wrong. The first one said, „Who has been sitting on my little chair?“ The second: „Who has eaten from my little plate?“ The third: „Who has taken from my little roll?“ The fourth: „Who ate from my small vegetables?“ The fifth: „Who poked with my fork?“ The sixth: „Who cut with my little knife?“ The seventh: „Who has drunk from my little cup?“

Then they discovered Snow White lying in the little bed. They were delighted with the beautiful girl and let her sleep. In the morning Snow White was frightened, but the seven dwarfs were friendly. She told them what had happened to her and the dwarfs invited her to stay with them if she would take care of the household. Snow White gladly agreed. Because she was alone all day, the good dwarfs warned her about the stepmother.

One day the queen stood before her mirror again and asked it who was the most beautiful in all the land. Then the mirror answered:

„Madam Queen, you are the most beautiful here,

but Snow White over the mountains

with the seven dwarfs

is a thousand times more beautiful, you see.“

Then she realized that the huntsman had deceived her and that Snow White was still alive. This did not give her any peace and she devised a new plan to get rid of Snow White so that she herself would remain the most beautiful.

She disguised herself as a merchant and went to the dwarves‘ cottage. Once there, she knocked on the door and offered Snow White silk strings for her dress. But when the woman put the ribbons on Snow White, she laced so tightly that the girl lost her breath and fell lifeless to the ground. In the evening the dwarfs found the girl and immediately cut the ribbons. It was not too late and Snow White could be saved.

But the evil queen came again. This time disguised as an old woman and with a poisonous comb. She stuck it in Snow White’s hair and the girl fell lifeless to the ground. In the evening the dwarfs discovered Snow White with the comb and pulled it out, whereupon the girl regained consciousness.

When the queen came back for the third time, she brought an apple that was poisoned on one side. Snow White said that she should not accept anything. Then the farmer’s wife cut the apple in half, bit into the white half of the apple and handed Snow White the beautiful red half. But as soon as Snow White had a bite of it in her mouth, she fell down dead.

The cruel queen was satisfied and asked her mirror again back home. He finally answered:

„Madam Queen, you are the fairest of them all.“

Then the envious woman was satisfied.

When the dwarfs found Snow White in the evening, they could no longer help her. For three days they wept with grief. They did not want to bury Snow White, who looked so fresh and alive, in the dark ground. So they had a glass coffin made, which they guarded day and night.

Then a king’s son came through the forest. When he saw the beautiful Snow White in the glass coffin, he insisted on taking her with him, for he could no longer live without seeing her. Because he asked so sincerely, the good dwarfs took pity on him and gave him the coffin.

As his servants carried him away, they stumbled and the shock caused the poisoned apple piece to slip from Snow White’s throat. She opened her eyes and lifted the lid from the coffin. The king’s son was full of joy and told her what had happened. He asked her to go with him and become his bride. Snow White agreed and their wedding was prepared.

The stepmother was also invited. She preened herself and asked her mirror again. This answered:

„Madam Queen, you are the most beautiful here,

but the young queen is a thousand times more beautiful, you see.“

Annoyed, the stepmother went to the wedding and was frightened when she recognized Snow White.

As punishment for her actions, the woman had to dance in red-hot slippers made of iron until she fell down dead at the end.

Schneewittchen Englisch


Weitere Versionen von Schneewittchen auf Englisch

  1. Einen englischen Text des Märchens gibt es ➔ hier auf dieser Seite zum online Lesen und als Printversion zum Ausdrucken
  2. Für jüngere Kinder ist ➔ diese Version sehr ansprechend. Der englische Text ist etwas verkürzt und vereinfacht. Außerdem gibt es zahlreiche farbige Illustrationen, was es für Kinder anschaulicher macht.

Schneewittchen Video auf Englisch anschauen

Wer lieber Videos anschaut als zu lesen, kann das Märchen auch als Zeichentrick anschauen. Es gibt eine sehr bekannte Zeichentrick-Version von Walt Disney aus dem Jahr 1937. Darüber hinaus gibt es viele Cartoons von Schneewittchen auf Englisch, die man bei Youtube ansehen kann.

Zum Beispiel das folgende Video, wo die Geschichte langsam vorgelesen wird und zusätzlich mit Untertieln versehen ist. Dadurch ist sie auch für Anfänger gut zu verstehen. Auf diese Weise kann man mit dem Märchen von Schneewittchen Englisch lernen und das Hörverstehen verbessern.

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