Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten auf Englisch

Das Märchen von den Bremer Stadtmusikanten heißt auf Englisch „The Bremen Town Musicians“ oder manchmal auch „Town Musicians of Bremen“.

Hier kannst du das Märchen Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten auf Englisch lesen:

The Bremen Town Musicians

Once upon a time a miller had a donkey that carried the sacks without hesitation. When the donkey grew old and could no longer do the work, the miller wanted to take him away. So the donkey ran away and decided to go to Bremen to earn his living as a city musician.

After a short time he saw a hound on the roadside, exhausted and gasping for air. The donkey asked what was wrong with him. The dog said he had become too old for hunting, so his master wanted to beat him to death. Then he had taken to his heels, but did not know what to do now. The donkey said: “I’ll go to Bremen and become a town musician there. Come with me, I’ll play the lute and you play the drums.” The dog agreed and went along.

Soon they saw a cat sitting sadly by the road. The cat told them that it was too old to catch mice, her owner wanted to drown it. So she ran away, but did not know what to do. “Go with us to Bremen,” said the donkey, “you know how to play night music, you can become a town musician there.” The cat went along.

Then they passed a farm gate, and a rooster was sitting on it, screaming at the top of his lungs. When asked what was wrong with him, the rooster said he should get into the soup, so he screamed while he still could. “You’d better move away with us to Bremen. You’ll find something better than death anywhere. You have a good voice, let’s make music together,” said the donkey. And the rooster joined them.

It was still far to Bremen and so they wanted to spend the night in the forest. When the rooster flew up a tree, he spotted a light in the distance. The four journeymen wanted to look and came to a lighted house. The donkey looked through the window and saw a richly laid table around which sat a band of robbers.

Bremer Stadtmusikanten Märchen

The animals decided to chase the robbers out of the house. To do this, the donkey stood with his front feet on the window sill, the dog got on the donkey’s back, the cat on the dog and the rooster on the cat. All at once they began their music: the donkey brayed, the dog barked, the cat meowed and the rooster crowed. Then they rushed in through the window into the parlor so that the windows rattled. The robbers jumped up at the horrible screaming, thought a ghost was coming in and fled into the forest.

Now the four musicians could eat their fill to their hearts‘ content. Then they turned out the light and went to sleep. The donkey lay down on the dung, the dog by the door, the cat by the warm stove and the rooster on the rooster beam.

When the robbers saw from afar that the house was dark, the captain sent one of them to look there. The robber found everything quiet and went to the stove to make light. He thought the cat’s glowing eyes were coals, so he held a match to them. The cat hissed away and slammed its claws into his face. The robber was frightened and ran out. At the door, the dog bit his leg, and as he ran across the yard past the dunghill, the donkey gave him a kick. The rooster woke up and crowed down.

The robber ran as fast as he could to his captain and said, “There’s a witch in the house, she hissed at me and scratched my face. At the door there is a man with a knife, he stabbed me in the leg. In the courtyard a black monster hit me with a wooden club. And from the roof the judge shouted: ‚Bring me the rascal!‘ So I made to get away.”

From then on, the robbers never dared to come to the house again. But the four musicians liked it so much that they stayed there.

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