Little Pandas – Tiergeschichte auf Englisch

Little Pandas Big Adventure

In a time not long ago, in a magical bamboo forest, lived two little pandas named Chai and Rori.

One beautiful spring day, Chai and Rori were playing in the bamboo forest. They played hide and go seek, tag, bamboo hop and roll on the grass. The day was warm, but not too hot. The sun was shining bright in the sky and the clouds were as white as snow.

“Little pandas,” called their father, “Don’t go too far.”

Chai waved at him, “We won’t Papa.”

Rori pounced on her and the two playfully tumbled around in the grass, thinking, what could possibly go wrong?

They were having so much fun that they didn’t listen to what dad said next, or noticed when they left the magical bamboo forest.

“Look Chai!” Rori pointed to a raft made out of bamboo and grass. It was floating by the river’s edge, right under a tall tree’s shade.

Chai clapped her hands, “Let’s get on it!”

The two little pandas ran to the raft and bounced on it. The raft wiggled left and right, sending them tumbling down on top of each other.

The little pandas laughed, “Let’s do that again!”

They bounced, hopped and jumped on the raft, giggling whenever the raft tilted to the side and splotched them with water.

Soon, they got very sleepy.

They laid down on the raft and looked at the puffy clouds go by. The raft felt so comfortable and warm that in the blink of an eye they fell asleep.

Suddenly, the raft broke loose from the river’s edge. All the jumping the little pandas had done on it loosen the knots and sent them sailing down the river!

The little pandas woke up with a gasp when the raft bumped against the river’s shore again.

“Where are we?” they asked, rubbing their sleepy eyes.

The forest was nowhere to be seen. All around them were farmlands and in the distance the biggest mountains they had ever seen!

Thunder boomed in the distance and the little pandas jumped.

“What was that?” wondered Rori.

“A dragon, I think,” said Chai.

Both of them screamed and leaped off the raft when the thunder sounded again.

They ran, ran and ran, crying all the way and not knowing where they went.

Suddenly, they bumped into a little girl.

“What are you doing so far from the bamboo forest?” the little girl asked.

“You know where we live?” Chai pounced on her.

The girl, whose name was Mei, laughed, “Yes I do, my grandpa tells me stories about it all the time.”

Rori and Chai took terms telling their story. When they finished, they asked, “Can you please help us get home?”

Mei looked at the dark, gray sky, “Yes, but we have to hurry, there’s a big storm coming.”

Mei took them to see the golden pheasant, a magical bird who helped all in trouble.

When Mei told him all about the little pandas, he flew right down and fluttering his wings started to hum. His body glowed and grew until he was the size of a dragon.

“Climb on, quickly!” he called out and Mei helped the little pandas climb on his back.

They held on to his feathers and watched as the ground got smaller, the river looked like a tiny earthworm under them.

The pheasant took them to the top of the big mountains. It was so cold and windy!

“Thank you!” Mei and the pandas called out and hurried to find the magic rowboat her grandpa told her about. It would take them the rest of the way.

“Here it is!” Rori said when she found the little boat floating by a small stream.

Chai looked at it, “Will this little boat really help us get home?”

Mei nodded, “Grandpa says the magic rowboat helps everyone find their way back home.”

Thunder boomed and lightning flashed, making them jump into the boat and start rowing very fast. But the water was moving down the mountain way too quickly!

“What’s that roar?” Chai suddenly asked.

Mei’s eyes grew wide as the little boat tipped over the edge.

“Waterfall!” they screamed and held on to the little boat.

They landed with a big splash and got soaked. But all were happy that their magic rowboat didn’t break!

Down the river they kept on rowing, the storm was almost on top of them.

“Row faster!” Mei shouted over the wind.

The little pandas did their best to row, row and row, but they were so little and the wind blew so hard.

“I give up,” yelled Rori.

“You can’t,” said Mei, “Look, we are almost there!”

In the distance, they saw the bamboo forest. They also saw little lanterns moving up and down the shore of the river.

Rain began to fall in big drops. It was so hard to see, but Mei and the little pandas didn’t give up.

The little pandas’ dad helped pull the magic rowboat to shore.

Chai and Rori leaped off, giving him a big hug. “We are very sorry we didn’t listen to you. We won’t do it again!”

The wind picked up speed. The thunder made the ground shake and lightning left them seeing stars.

“The big storm is here, we have to take shelter!” Papa Panda said, helping them get into the bamboo forest and into a big shelter that kept them safe and dry from the rain. It was made out of bamboo, but magical bamboo wasn’t destroyed by any storms, so they were very safe and warm.

Mei spent the night with them and slept by a warm fire. Chai and Rory curled up beside her.

In the morning, she got on the rowboat again and waved goodbye.

The little pandas waved goodbye and hoped their friend would one day come to play with them again.

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