Bucky the Digger

Bucky was a digger. He was a small digger. All of the other diggers were bigger than Bucky. But Bucky loved to dig in the dirt and moved his bucket up and down.

Whenever Bucky was rolling in the dirt, he was a very happy digger. And, if it rained, he loved to roll in the mud. Sometimes, his little scoop would get stuck in the mud and the other diggers would laugh at him.

Now, Henry was also a digger. He was much bigger than Bucky. Henry could move huge piles of dirt using his big bucket. His engine was loud. Henry never got stuck in the mud.

One day, a builder wanted two large piles of dirt moved to the other side of the road. Bucky and Henry were happy to do the digging. They rolled into the yard. Henry rolled in front of one pile of dirt. Bucky rolled in front of the other pile of dirt.

“You are such a small digger,” Henry said to Bucky.

“So what?” Bucky answered.

“These piles of dirt are very large,” Henry said. “Your little bucket will never be able to move such a large pile of dirt.”

“Are you telling me I cannot move my pile of dirt?” Bucky asked.

“It is too big for such a small digger,” Henry answered. “The pile is too large for you. I will have to move both of them.”

“No!” Bucky said. “I can do it. Move your own pile of dirt. I will move my pile of dirt.”

Henry lifted his huge bucket and scooped up some dirt and took it across the road. It only took Henry three scoops and he was done.

“I’m going home,” Henry said to Bucky.

“I am digging my pile of dirt. I will see you later,” Bucky said. Henry laughed and laughed.

“You are too small to dig that pile of dirt,” said Henry. “You can call me, and I will come back and dig it for you.”

“I will move the pile myself. You’ll see,.” Said Bucky. Henry rolled out of the yard laughing.

The next morning, Henry and Bucky rolled into the construction yard.

“I don’t believe it!” Henry shouted. “You moved your pile of dirt across the road.”

“Yup,” Bucky said smiling. “I sure did!”

“I don’t understand,” Henry said. “You are too small. How did you move that great big pile of dirt.?”

“Well,” Bucky said. “I raised up my bucket and scooped up a bit of dirt and took it to the other side of the road. Then, I scooped up a second one. I kept digging and carrying the dirt across the road. I dug and dug, and then dug some more.”

“But you are such a small digger,” said Henry. “I don’t understand how you did it.” Bucky smiled at his friend.

“It doesn’t matter if you are small,” Bucky explained. “If you do a little bit at a time, you can do the job. It may take you longer, but you will get the work done.”

“You did a great job!” said Henry. “I am proud of you.”

The two diggers rolled out of the yard together. Every morning, they returned to the yard to dig and dig until the job was done.