Sterntaler auf Englisch

Hier kannst du das Märchen „Sterntaler“ von den Gebrüdern Grimm auf Englisch lesen. Bei dem Text handelt es sich um eine Kurzfassung:

Star Money

A little girl lost her father and mother at an early age. She was so poor that she had no place to live and no bed to sleep in. She had nothing left except the clothes on her body and a piece of bread that someone had given her out of pity. But the little girl had a good heart and was pious. So she trusted in God and went out into the field all alone.

There she met a poor man who asked for something to eat because he was so hungry. The girl gave him the whole piece of bread and said: „God bless you“, then she went on.

Sterntaler Märchen

There came a freezing child who asked for the girl’s cap. She took off the cap and gave it to him. After a while she met another child who was cold. To this one she gave the bodice. Another child asked for her skirt, which she also gave her.

Finally, the little girl came to a forest, and it had already become dark. Another child came and asked for a little shirt. The pious girl thought, „It’s dark night, no one will see you, you can probably give away your shirt.“ So, she took off her shirt and gave it to the child.

Now she had nothing at all.

Suddenly the stars fell from the sky and turned into blank coins. Suddenly the girl was wearing a shirt again, made of the finest linen. There she collected the coins in it and was rich all her life.

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