Halloweengeschichte auf Englisch

Hier kommt eine kurze Halloweengeschichte auf Englisch:

In this Halloween story, two siblings go trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood. But one house seems spooky to them. Should they try there too?

The house with the mummy

Elsie held her hair out of her face so her mother could apply the white make-up. She then looked in the mirror and laughed contentedly. „The most beautiful ghost princess I have ever seen!“ she remarked happily.

Just then Elsie’s brother Noah came out of his room. He was dressed as a skeleton and was chattering his teeth. Noah was two years older and was supposed to look after his sister today on Halloween.

„Are you finally ready?“ he asked impatiently. „If we don’t leave soon, we won’t get any more sweets.“

He had a bit of a point there. There were quite a few children on the way. They encountered witches, bats, ghosts and monsters.

The siblings went from house to house and their bags filled up with sweets, lollipops, chocolate and much more.

„We haven’t been here yet.“ Noah pointed to a house a little way off at the very end of the street.

It was completely dark. No lights in the house and nothing was lit in the driveway either. The house was run down and the garden looked quite overgrown.

Elsie didn’t have a good feeling. „Maybe no one lives here,“ she said, already wanting to turn back.

„Yes, someone does,“ Noah objected. „There’s a car here, isn’t there? So someone lives here too.“

As they walked closer, a boy came running towards them. „Don’t go there!“ he shouted, pointing to the old house. „There’s a mummy in there.“

A mummy? Elsie took a few steps back and fearfully looked at the house.

But her brother wanted to go there now more than ever. „Think about it, Elsie,“ he said enthusiastically. „If everyone is scared of the house, then no one has been there today. That means more sweets for us.“

Elsie shook her head. „I’m not moving another step,“ she said.

„Suit yourself,“ Noah agreed. „I’ll go on my own then. But don’t think I’ll share the sweets with you afterwards.“

Little Elsie stopped at the road and watched her big brother walk up the driveway. Then she heard Noah knocking on the door.

He was waiting for the lights to come on inside and someone to come to the door. But nothing happened at first.

Through the glass in the front door, Noah could see that someone was lighting a candle. That was a bit strange. Who used candlesticks these days?

Then he heard something dragging across the floor inside. The sound came slowly closer.

„Ahh, eeh,“ a groan sounded in the hallway.

Then the door opened a crack and a foot slid in between. It was wrapped in white bandages.

„A mummy!“ In shock, Noah dropped his bag of sweets and ran down the driveway.

„Come on Elsie, let’s get out of here!“ he shouted to his sister. „There really is a mummy in the house.“

They ran as fast as they could, stopping only when they arrived in front of her house.

Agitated, they told their parents what had happened. About the creepy dark house, about the mummy and how Noah had lost his sweets in fright.

„Do you mean the Millers‘ house?“ their father asked. „They just moved in the day before yesterday. They haven’t connected the electricity yet, so it’s dark in the house. And poor Mr. Miller dropped a heavy box on his foot during the move. Now he has a white cast on his leg and can only limp. I’m sure he moaned because his foot still hurts.“

„What?“ Noah couldn’t believe it. „So I lost all my sweets for nothing!“

„Don’t think I’m sharing with you now,“ Elsie grinned. She took her bag of sweets and disappeared into her room.

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