Der süße Brei auf Englisch

Hier kannst du das Märchen Der süße Brei von den Gebrüdern Grimm auf Englisch lesen.

Bei dem Text handelt es sich um eine Kurzfassung.

The sweet porridge

Der süße Brei Märchen Kurz

A poor, pious girl once lived alone with her mother and they had nothing to eat. So the child went out into the forest and met an old woman. The woman knew about the sorrow and gave the girl a very special potty.

When she said, „Pot, cook,“ it cooked sweet millet porridge, and when she said, „Pot, stop,“ it stopped cooking.

The girl brought the pot home to her mother. From then on, they always had delicious porridge to eat and never had to go hungry again.

One day, when the girl was not at home, the mother said, „Pot, cook.“ And it cooked. When the mother was full, she wanted the potty to stop, but she didn’t remember what to say to it. So it kept boiling, the porridge rising over the edge and filling the whole house and then the street, as if it wanted to fill the whole world.

When only one house was left, the daughter came home and said, „Potty, stand.“ Then it stopped boiling. But whoever wanted to go to town had to eat their way through the porridge.

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